Kjell Aukrust 

The illustrator and author Kjell Aukrust (1920-2002) was born in Alvdal. He has portrayed the bustling life of his home village in a personal and colourful way in a number of books. In his crazy parodies of village newspapers, “Folk og Fe" and "FlåklypaTidende", Aukrust created a most original cast og characters in both his text and illustrations, with the countryside where he grew up as the setting.


Kjell Aukrust was educated at the National Collage of Art, Craft and Design and The Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. After the Second World War he worked for a while as an illustrator for the newspaper “Vårt Land". His illustrations were also printed in several other newspapers, and he soon became established as a professional illustrator with a distinctive style.


Later, Kjell Aukrust also received acknowledgement for his paintings. Kjell Aukrust ‘s work is exhibited at the National Gallery in Oslo, among other places. Kjell Aukrust’s first literary work was “Simen"(1958), and this was followed by a number of other books. Several of them have been made into very successful films." Flåklypa Grand Prix" for example, is one of the greatest box office hits in the history of Norwegian film.

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The Aukrust Center 

Architect:  Sverre Fehn


The Aukrust Center lies in the little town of Alvdal in one of Norway's many beautiful valleys. Its a museum built to house the life work of multi- artist Kjell Aukrust. Visit this beautiful building and experience Aukrust's drawings, paintings, the figures and humoristic imaginative invention. Try the chocolate machine, meet Ludvig and Solan, visit the cinema-room and experience "Flåklypa Grand Prix" and eat at Solan's cafe. Welcome to The Aukrust Center!


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09.05-03.07  10-16
04.07-02.08  10-18
03.08-11.10  10-16


 Flåklypatoppen :
20.06-03.07  10-16
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