Open hours

June–August: 10:00–17:00 
Reodor, Solan and Ludvig are working tirelessly on a jubilee-exhibition, Aukrust going 100!, therefore the Aukrust House is currently closed.
More information about what the boys are making in Reodor’s workshop is coming up.
This is exciting. See you there!

Ticket pricing

0–4 years: Free entry
5–15 years: 125 kr
16–100 years: 150 kr
100–118 years: Free entry

Groups (minimum 20 people): are kr. 125,- per person. 
Guide and driver enter for free.

Contact us for other options, either by using our contact form, or by phone at: +47 62 48 78 77

Practical info

The House is well facilitated for people with disabilities, with easy access parking outside.
The Café has toilets also for the disabled, and a changing table close by.

Vi har dessverre ingen mulighet for å oppbevare bagasje eller andre store gjenstander når du besøker oss. 
Servicehunder er velkommen inn. 

The Aukrust House

In addition to Aukrust’s illustrations, the Aukrust House contains many of Kjell Aukrust’s imaginative technical contraptions, like a model of the «Il Tempo Gigante»-car, famous from the movie Pinchcliff Grand Prix. Also rendered is the editing room of the newspaper Pinchcliff Times, with the work desk of sport-reporter Melvind Snerken.

Peak Pinchcliff

Peak Pinchcliff and Reodor Felgen’s Moon Rocket, La Pollo XIII, invites you to exciting experiences for the whole family, and children of all ages. See the inspiration for the last film Louis & Luca – Mission to the Moon and participate in Reodor Felgen’s tinkering world.


In the Aukrust Auditorium, our own state-of-the-art cinema, you can see the films from Pinchcliff. In the House, there are cars and behind the scenes films, you can be editor in Pinchcliff Times and make chocolate in Reodor Felgen’s own machine!

Food and Drink

Luca is preparing for his winter hibernation and Louis is considering a migration to warmer climates, so the café is closed, except for events.
But they are not leaving us empty handed – there is self service and niceties to nibble.